Claudia Dutson, PhD (RCA)

I am an academic researcher and lecturer, with a PhD (AHRC - funded) from the School of Architecture, Royal College of Art. I investigate architecture and the management cultures of Silicon Valley through research and artistic practices. I teach design at the Royal College of Art, running a studio of enquiry in experimental design on the MA Information Experience Design.

I have taught at the Royal College of Art, Canterbury School of Architecture (UCA), and guest-lectured at Chelsea College of Art (UAL), University of Newcastle, TU Eindhoven.

Teaching work / MA IED: The Proving Grounds, Royal College of Art

PhD Work / Performance - Heated Exchange

PhD Work / Thermal Performance - The politics of environmental management in architecture

The research takes as its premise the ambiguity of environmental design within the organisational management discourses of the knowledge economy. The failure of new buildings to perform as environmentally as they were designed, has been termed the 'performance gap'. I trace the concept of performance in architecture and models of 'sustainable' design and connect them to post-Fordist performance-oriented management processes.

Writing / E.R.O.S. journal - Private Passions in the Silicon Valley

Exhibited Work / RCA Show 2017

Research Proposal / Think Different - The Architecture and Subjectivities of Knowledge Work

This research, with practice, investigates the relationship between the production of architecture and the constitution of worker subjectivities, taking as a case study the work-place of late neo-liberal economies and the site of the production of knowledge work, the exemplar being ‘Campus.’ I will propose that Campus is a typology in its own right, distinct from the corporate headquarters, with its own particular history and genealogy, which produces a specific neoliberal subject through a convergence of managerial and spatial practices. The output of the work will be architectural drawings and models as art-practice to be exhibited, and an authored book on Campus. //more

Teaching work / MArch Unit: Studio Disrupt 2016-17, Canterbury School of Architecture (UCA)

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